A Guide to Getting Started with ERP.

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, software provides businesses with one location to store, manage and utilize data that is critical to the operation of the organization.

You can use your ERP software to analyze that data to plan for increased growth and success.

Learn more about how ERP software can help your business maintain and improve its competitive edge.

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Get started with ERP.

In this guide, you'll learn:
  • What enterprise resource planning software is and how it helps businesses manage their data and grow
  • Tips on selecting the right software for your organization
  • Comparing cloud to on-premise
  • Project success factors for implementing ERP systems
  • Is now the time to implement ERP?

Cloud vs. On-Premise

Download our on-demand white paper, written by Terillium Director of ERP Project Delivery Chris Garrity, comparing cloud and on-premise options, defining key terms and discuss the return-on-investment for implementing ERP solutions.