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Is your organization looking to move its accounts payable operations to an automated system, but for whatever reason is delayed or halted entirely?

Perhaps business leaders aren't convinced of the benefits, or funding for new projects have been put on hold. There's a variety of reasons projects of this type take longer to implement. We can help.

Download the e-book "Six Most Important Metrics to a Winning Business Case for AP Automation" to learn potential strategies you and your department can use to articulate the value of AP automation.

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Are your AP processes still manual or semi-automated?

An automated procedure for accounts payable functions can speed up the time needed to process invoices, build a strong fiscal reputation for the organization and operate more efficiently. Statistically, companies maximize discounts offered to customers who they pay their bills early. Those savings can translate into more revenue and pay for the automation system itself.

This e-book is available thanks to Terillium's partner, Canon Information and Imaging Solutions, and the white paper author, The Account Payable and Procure-to-Pay Network.